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Our Story

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After the first copyright battle, a literal one at that, Irish Nobleman Colum (?) exiled himself from the Green Isle which had been his home. He set forth in a small boat accompanied by 12 faithful monastic brothers for the distant Isle of Iona. What he found there was not what he expected at all, and he sought the counsel of a local mystic, Oran of Iona.

More than 1400 years after Columcille arrived on Iona, a young American Presbyterian minister by the name of Bill Cohea Jr. was called to visit that same Scottish isle. He also was surprised at what he found on that windswept speck of land thrusting out into the Atlantic. Over several trips, and dreams, the seed that would sprout into Columcille Megalith Park was formed and found fertile ground in which to germinate in Bill's heart and soul.

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While the dream that became Columcille came to Bill Cohea Jr., and it was he that began the journey on the slope of Blue Mountain, Fred Lindkvist, his partner and co-conspirator for over three decades, became the beating heart of Bills dream. Together, these two wonderful, gentle men founded Columcille Megalith Park, nurtured its nascent community, and created the rich landscape which has touched so many who have stepped through the infinity gate into the "Land of Myth and Mystery."

From an old farmhouse and a field full of stones that first became Casa Colum, the House of the Dove, a refuge for tired sinners and reluctant saints, to the 20 acres of the Park and its community today, come learn how belief, sweat, and love transformed the land and those who worked and lived upon it.

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