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Visiting the Park


Park Policies

     Columcille Megalith Park is open every day, from dawn until dusk. Dogs are welcome to visit, except during events, as long as they are leashed and their companions clean up after them. Columcille is a Sacred Space for contemplation and renewal. Please be aware of other visitors and be respectful of their passage through the Park.  Absolutely no climbing on any stone, at any time, ever! Trails are unpaved and rough in some places. Please bear in mind, as a natural space, weather and other factors can make the Land hazardous at times; enter at your own risk. Aerial drones are not allowed to be operated in the Park. No fires are permitted in the Park without specific permission from Columcille. Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints please.

     Columcille is a privately owned park open to the public. In addition, all programs (including but not limited to: drumming, piping, personal or group celebrations, weddings or wedding picture-taking, etc.) must be approved by Columcille, Inc. in writing prior to being performed. For inquiry or permission, please contact us at

     Any photographs taken at Columcille are for personal enjoyment only and are not to be used for commercial or publicity purposes without express written permission from Columcille, Inc. (such purposes include, but are not limited to: websites, memes, calendars, cards, professional portrait, wedding, or commercial photography, etc.) For the complete Visitor Photography Policy, please click HERE

The Stones

     Columcille Megalith Park features more than 90 stone settings strategically placed throughout the more than 20 acres of the Park. Primarily placed from 1980-2005, most of the Stones were found either on site, or in local slate quarries and are approximately 3.6 billion years old. Imagine what each stone has "seen" in all of that time! Two of the large Stones in the park, the Remembrance Stone and the Goblin Stone, were set by hand one weekend in 2000, under the tutelage and supervision of Jackie and Rob Roy, using ancient techniques. The vast majority of the Stones were set using various modern tools and methods. There are also several cut granite Stones gifted to Columcille by Kristene Beck of Kinstone Park in Minnesota.  Many of the largest Stones have names, sometimes more than one depending on who you ask, or what mood Bill Cohea, one of our founders, was in when he told the story of that particular Stone to fresh ears. 

    The Stones each have their own character, appearance, and associations. We encourage our visitors to enter with open eyes, hearts, and minds and create their own stories and experiences with the Stones of Columcille. Remember, The Way you Think it is, May Not Be the Way it is at All.

Celtic Eye from the Trees JC.jpg

The Trails

     Columcille Megalith Park features more than just Megaliths. Set on the slope of Blue Mountain, amidst hardwood forests, vernal ponds, and sheltered dells, the Park covers more than 20 acres of land, and abuts both Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center and the Appalachian Trail. Columcille maintains multiple looping trails on the Land covering several miles of total walking distance. All trails are unpaved, and follow the contours of the land; sturdy footwear is recommended. Please bear in mind that during inclement weather, natural hazards exist that may threaten footing and increase the chance of injury.  Hike at your own risk.  A spur trail links our trail system with the Appalachian Trail about half a mile south of the the Fox Gap Trail head and is marked with orange blazes and lies approximately 8 miles before the  northbound AT crosses into NJ.

    We encourage our guests to wander into the cool of the woods, listen to nature speaking in its many voices, and allow the ancient majesty of the forest to soothe their souls. One never knows, the Faerie Folk may even make an appearance for the most observant.  

Skyy Lane Resource Center

     Skyy Lane is a longtime friend of our founders, Bill and Fred, and one of the very earliest of members of the Community of Columcille. His great generosity to the Park over the years cannot be overstated, and we are humbly grateful for his unstinting support of the Park, it's mission, and community. A gift from him allowed the Park to create a new space in Casa Colum to replace the badly aging Voyager's Lounge and serve as a welcome center for Columcille Megalith Park.

     The Skyy Lane Resource Center offers information for visitors to the Park and a spot to relax for a bit out of the elements. Inside, visitors will find a collection of resources to learn more about the park, our founders, and related subjects. Additionally, we offer various items, crystals, and rocks available for our visitors for a donation to the Park. The SLRC is located in the lower level of the house on the far side of the Pond from the Circle of Stones and Oran's Bell Tower. Please stop by anytime during regular park hours. 

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