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Ways to Give


Gifts of Cash (by check or money order)

Every contribution you make is a charitable deduction for you in the year the gift is made.

You may make a pledge using a multi-year installment plan (monthly, quarterly, annually), an easy way to give over time and earn charitable deductions in multiple tax years.

Matching gifts made by your employer can double or triple your personal contribution. If you (or your spouse's) workplace offers such a program, please enclose a "matching gift form" with your gift.


A portion of your estate may be given to The Megalith Fund under the terms of your will.

Gifts of Life Insurance

A new policy can be obtained making The Megalith Fund the beneficiary or giving ownership of the policy to Columcille while you pay the premiums (which constitute a charitable contribution).

* A policy no longer needed to protect family members can be liquidated and the proceeds donated to Columcille.
* A policy not fully paid up can be donated to Columcille and you can take the deduction.
* Life insurance can be used as a replacement asset. You may give appreciated property to  Columcille now, take the tax deduction and replace the dollar value of the gift with life insurance for your family.

Other Gifts.

Many other types of giving are available but generally require consultation between specialists advising both donor and recipient (for mutual clarity and protection). If you are interested in pursuing any of the following gift-giving options, please contact Columcille. We will be pleased to work with you and your attorney, broker or bank representative to arrive at the most beneficial arrangement for all parties.

* Appreciated Securities.
* Gift Annuities (& Deferred-Payment Gift Annuities).
* Charitable Trusts (Lead & Remainder).
* Real Estate

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