Dancing With The Stones

The Founder's story now on Video...

It's here! The Documentary DVD Dancing with the Stones: From the Beginning to the Beginning. Shot entirely on location in Columcille Megalith Park, the film features William "Bill" Cohea, Jr. who shares the story of the visions and promptings that drove him to create the Park we have today. This DVD is full color and runs over 45 minutes. The Myth, Mystery and Trivia of Columcille Megalith Park for your very own. Makes a great gift! The DVD is now available by mail using the Buy Now button below or stop by the Columcille Voyager's Lounge to get your copy for a donation of $15.00. Copies by mail are $15.00 with a multiple copy discount that includes postage and handling.


This documentary DVD was created and produced by the Award Winning Quiet Light Films as a donation to Columcille Megalith Park. Quiet Light Films captures compelling stories about people, art and everyday life within the world around us. With a unique perspective, Quiet Light Films offers modern storytelling for the digital age. When your business or organization is in need of film production and storytellers do not hesitate to contact them on (570) 689-1369 or by email at hello@QuietLightFilms.com

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