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The Megalith Fund


At the heart of all it's being and doing in Columcille's enduring philosophy that the land and stones are our teachers, mentors and Spirit playmates. In the new millennium, our heartfelt imperative is to ensure the integrity and openness of this sacred space for future generations - where the megaliths of Columcille may continue to serve as guideposts for the odyssey of the human spirit and the playful enjoyment of simple Being.

To that end, in 1998 Columcille placed the Park under easement with The Heritage Conservancy (Bucks County, PA) to guarantee it's special use in perpetuity.

Now Columcille has established The Megalith Fund, an endowment (with an initial goal of $250,000) designed to generate anually the funds necessary to fulfill our core, three-part mission.

Maintain Columcille's Megalith Park

To assure the structural integrity of buildings, benches, bridges and stone walls. To care for the land by chipping trails, harvesting trees, weeding gardens, mowing fields and maintaining stream flows.

Monitor the use of the Park

To assure it's non-commercial use and wilderness character, as a quiet, open space for the enjoyment of the public, consistent with the conservation easement and with Columcille's own philosophy.

Mentor those who pass through

Continue to offer a "Presence on the Land" to welcome and inform visitors; celebrations of the seasons and special ceremonies; open salons promoting the free exchange of ideas and beliefs; workshops for writers and artists; our Voyager's Lounge & Lending Library; and public participation in land care and stone work.

Each member of Columcille's Board of Directors has made a personal "stretching" pledge to initiate the Megalith Fund. We now invite your gift to the first phase of our endowment campaign, January 2000-December 2002, using any of the suggested "Ways to Give" that is most convenient and tax-advantageous to you.

We urge you to be as generous as possible in your giving, while we assure you of our gratitude for whatever you can contribute to the Megalith Park, which we continue to celebrate as an empowerment for the present and a guide for future generations.